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Believing What You Cannot See

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Believing What You Cannot See

I lived in my hometown all my life, had a great career, built my dream home to raise our four children, and lived down the street from my parents and siblings. 

Life was good.

My husband began hinting that his next promotion would take us away from that hometown where we both had been raised and where all our families lived. Not something I was willing to hear nor even consider. 

I was very closed-minded and had built my whole world in that little Midwestern town.

As it came to pass over a two-year period, God had began to prepare my heart for the move. The timing was not perfect for the ages and stages of all our children, but we made it work, leaving one behind to finish the last semester of high school.

We put that big dream house on the market and, being shortly after the housing recession, the value wasn’t what we had hoped. Month after month, we had discussions about dropping the price further and further to the point of taking a loss all the while paying the mortgage and now paying rent in our new location.

Double mortgages.

Double utilities.

Double upkeep expenses.

800 Miles Apart.

I had never been in this type of situation before. I was scared and neither my husband nor I knew what to do. 

Every morning, I would wrap up in my Jeremiah 29:11 Scripture Blanket and talk with God. I leaned into God and prayed for a buyer. I prayed for Him to take this house and settle our bleeding finances. I didn’t see how we could come through the financial disaster just around the next month’s corner.

In Mark 11:24, it says:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.

The only way I could see in my flesh for this situation to resolve was for a buyer to come along or the bank to foreclose if we stopped paying the mortgage, which we hadn’t missed a payment in the 15 months since we moved.

But God had another way.

And while I was praying for Him to take this house off our financial plate, He did just that. 

In a casual conversation, someone mentioned a term I had never of heard before. He said since we hadn’t stopped paying the mortgage, we could work with the bank to release the mortgage and walk away free and clear.

Really? That’s a thing?

This situation was one of the most challenging times I had faced, but I did believe that He would carry us through. I didn’t know how. I couldn’t see the way in my flesh, but God placed this person in my path to find that way.

After a few days of research and conversations, we had full acceptance of the bank and within 30 days we were free and clear of that financial burden. 

Free and Clear!

I could hardly believe it. And it took me a few months to really take in what God had done. He honored my prayers and even though I couldn’t see the way, I did believe it would be resolved.

And just like that, it was!

Telling this story brings me so much joy because it’s my testimony that I can share when others are faced with difficult financial situations. 

When you lean in, let go, and believe God has a way – even when you can’t see that way -- you will see Eph 3:20 things happen in your life!

Our mission is to Wrap You in The Word and we strive to give you the confidence that God is with you every step of the way through this crazy thing called LIFE! Shop here

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