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Five Christian Influencers That Inspire Us

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Five Christian Influencers That Inspire Us

We plug into social media so much throughout our day, it’s important to see good things when we are looking through Instagram. Our goal at Living Scripture Strong is to spread God’s love throughout the world and share His word with everyone we can. Today, we want to share five fantastic people that we follow who inspire us everyday with their love for Jesus, their purpose, and their words. Check them out and show them some love today!


✨@fearless.lyma: Lymarie inspires us every day with posts about her life, marriage, baby, and her struggles. She fearlessly shares the love of God with her followers and inspires them to do the same!

✨@Jaclyn.small: Jaclyn is a strong preacher and speaker, women's life coach, and the CEO of the @jesusoveryourself Movement. She inspires women every day to be Jesus led, and make Him the center of their lives. We love how she spreads God’s love through her posts every single day.

✨@Soul.endurance: Jay constantly shares with us his love for fitness, his children, and Jesus. He is an inspiring man to follow and shares God’s love with his kids and his followers daily. He inspires us to live a life of love, health, and purpose and live for God.

✨@Ashleyempowers: Ashley is an amazing mompreneur, founder of @thehighearninghousewife, and an empowerment speaker. We love seeing her posts every day of her sharing God’s love with her followers and especially her beautiful children. She inspires us and many others with every post.

✨@jada_dannielle: Jada is a purpose and spiritual gifts mentor, and shares with us every day the immensity of God’s love, and more importantly, God’s plan for us! Jada is an inspiring woman and mother, and we love following her!


Go follow these amazing individuals and Live Scripture Strong!

Our mission is to Wrap You in The Word and we strive to give you the confidence that God is with you every step of the way through this crazy thing called LIFE! Shop here

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