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Good, Good Father

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Good, Good Father

A father is tender and kind to his children.

  In the same way, the Lord is tender and kind

  to those who have respect for Him.

I have always been moved by music since a very young age. I danced most of my childhood and even started a dance club in high school that is still going strong today. Music has always moved me in a way that is hard to express.

When I accepted Jesus into my life, I switched my music choice from Pop to Christian. I cannot tell you what a difference just changing the channel made in my life at 34 years old and the lives of my children, then 14, 12, 9, and 3. It was nothing short of amazing.

And I have always been a big fan of LIVE music. I have attended concerts and music festivals nearly all my life. There is just something about LIVE music that raptures my soul and when I have the opportunity to see any Christian artist LIVE, my spirit soars.

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tomlin perform his song, Good, Good Father LIVE here in Baltimore, MD last year. There is nothing that I can say to express the experience of the Holy Spirit moving in a crowd of over 5,000 believers. My hope is that you, someday, get to experience that for yourself.

Living Scripture Strong means surrounding yourself not only with scripture, but worship music, and anything else that raptures your spirit.

One thing I love to bring with me to a live music performance or church is my Canvas Nailed It Tote. This tote will hold everything from your phone to your bible and will match anything with its neutral palette. 

Listen in as Kalley Heiligenthal of Bethel Church shares her heart and expressive rendition of Chris Tomlin’s Good, Good Father….

Good, Good Father - Kalley Heiligenthal

and be blessed!

Tricia Renee, Founder

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