Become A Kingdom Builder Protege

* Attention Kingdom Builders *

Tricia Renee Is Now Accepting New Proteges

Who This Is For:

Kingdom Builders who are tired of doing just busy work and not doing the work He has called you to do.

Tired of trying so hard to get the next client?

Tired of not earning the money you deserve to make?

Want to create a simple, straight forward plan to lean in and let God be glorified in your work or business?

I want to help you to show up for yourself and do meaningful work for Kingdom purposes.

I want to see more people using their gifts and their wisdom to create more positive change in this world, and that is why I’m opening just a few spots at this time.


Why Mentor With Me?

I’m the founder of Living Scripture Strong, an award-winning kingdom builder brand that is revolutionizing the scripture gift industry.

...and the fact that over the last 10 years, I’ve become a master at letting go and letting God build business through the work of my hands.

I walked away from a $150,000 a year J-O-B.

I put our entire life savings into a new business venture and turned it into a million dollar brand.

Then I did it again.

And once again with Living Scripture Strong!

I've also consulted with 6-, 7- and 8- figure business owners on how to get clear on their calling and scale their businesses.

I’ve Also:

* Brought in over $32 Million in sales...

* Personally built or consulted on dozens of transformative online and offline businesses...

* Produced training programs and facilitated Masterminds for Coaches, Consultants, eCommerce Brands, Authors and Entrepreneurs in a variety of industries...

* way more than I can share here.

I've been able to do this while being able to work from 8 am - 3 pm so I can be there to pick up my kiddos from school and spend quality time with them from the time they get home until they go to bed.

I love working with Kingdom Builders that are ready to SHOW UP and do God's work...

...ready to build their programs and services out of the box like I’ve done both as a mentor and as the owner of a company...

...and like I’ve done as a consultant and mastermind leader with the 100s of clients I’ve intimately supported over the last decade.

Yes, I do all of this and I still have time for my family. And, I want the same for you.

It’s a gift, quite honestly… and I want to invite more Kingdom Builders to craft their businesses and lives in such a way that you are getting out of the chaos.

I want for you to show up in the fullness of all that God created YOU to be so that you can be fully present in your life.

Ready To Make A Change?!

Ready To Take A Chance On YOU?!??


Then come along side His calling and let's step in faith together for your future. Here’s what you get when you become a Protege:

  • Two hours of 1:1 mentoring phone/zoom calls with me each month.
You can choose one 2 hour session, two 1 hour sessions, or four 30 minute sessions. Please note the sessions do NOT roll over regardless of your personal circumstances, so you need to use them or you lose them. This is a $1,500 Value.
The first month is all about creating your personalized master plan based on who He created you to be. All subsequent months are about hitting the goals we establish.
  • Goal Setting Strategy Review each month.
You will submit your goals and I will provide guidance and feedback for you to make your goals meaningful, impactful, and ensure they are on strategy with your life! ($1,500 Value)
  • One Customer Journey Segment/Piece review per month.
There are no rollovers here either. But if you follow the plan we create together, you should have something for me to look at once a month. Content, product, sales material, email sequences, whatever. That’s a $2,000 value.
  • Access and discounts to all my future programs and courses.
  • Plus, access to my Personal Rolodex of contacts as related to your goals.(Invaluable)
IMPORTANT NOTE: I won’t be “coaching” you with this opportunity.
Mentoring means that you’ll have the opportunity to bring your business to me and I’ll share with you directly what has been working with my business or how I’ve helped build other businesses over the last decade.
You’ll gain insight into how I’ve built communities and revenue again and again.
I will be an advisor to you as you execute the plan we create together.
I can't and I won't force you to take action - that is up to you to make happen...
But I will be cheerleading your growth and inviting you to break open some new possibilities because of the connections I’m making between you, your ideas, your product or services and our collective networks and possibilities.
Look, you are already incredible...
...and I want to partner with you and help you get your voice heard louder and more powerfully than you’ve been able to do on your own.
I also want you to earn the money you know you deserve. So, if you add everything up, that’s at least a $5,000 value proposition...
...PLUS access to my network (absolutely invaluable) to help you be the Kingdom Builder God has called you to be.
AND because you are LEANING IN right now and RAISING YOUR HAND, I am going to do this for a fraction of the cost....because I am also leaning in to His calling to mentor others.
This is a Monthly Commitment and I require a 3 month commitment of $497 per month. Whether you decide to participate for the full 3 months or not, you will be responsible for the full financial commitment of $1,491. After that time, the services will be rendered month-to-month at $397 per month and will require a 10-day cancellation notice. If you do not fulfill your financial commitment for the initial 3 month commitment, you will be responsible for all fees to collect the debt.