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Is This All There Is?

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Is This All There Is?

Is This All There Is?


When we read the Old Testament there is this striking sense of loneliness. Something is missing—something we need. It’s reiterated again in Ecclesiastes with many verses referring to our loneliness and the meaningless all around us.

At times in the Old Testament the world feels hopeless, much as it does in our day to day lives as well.

When we look around we see darkness everywhere, even seeping through the cracks and distorting the light. We see evil and war and our own cloudy thoughts every time we open our eyes. There is a definite sense of hopelessness.

But is there no hope? Is this all there is to life? Suffering and madness and loneliness?

John 14:6 -“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

When we feel that life is meaningless and that truth is a concept far from reach, it only takes a quick skim through a concordance to discover that most instances of “truth” in the Bible are found in reference to Jesus.

He is truth.

He is the steady truth that holds everything together, bringing meaning to the mundane and extraordinary to the ordinary.

There is hope, yes. Hope in Christ. Whether we are struggling with depression and loneliness or simply struggling with finances or tragedy, there is hope in Christ.

He is the only way—the only path—toward a brighter future. And when we walk with Him, immersing ourselves in the life that He is, our lives are filled with a beauty incomparable. We are changed, transformed simply by knowing Him.

It’s always said that we are what we eat, or we are the sum of all those we surround ourselves with. Knowing and growing closer to Jesus brings us closer to a life filled with hope and joy.

It’s the only way to find light in the darkness and truth in the midst of the storms. Jesus is the way toward not only eternal salvation, but daily salvation. Right here, right now. By drawing near to him, we draw near to the wellspring of life and we are renewed each moment that we dwell there.

It’s when we take our focus off of Him, when our gaze falls inward or fixates on all of the tragedy, that we lose sight of the beauty all around us (and inside of us) each moment. There is no better way to seize the moment and to find beauty in our lives than to embrace the truth.

The amazing thing is Jesus is always willing and waiting for us. Regardless of how many times we turn away, He is standing right behind us with open arms, waiting for us to come back to the way, the truth, and the life that He so graciously provides to us, wanting only the best for us from the day we are born to the rest of eternity. Go on Living Scripture Strong!

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