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Lindsey W.
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Item exactly as described! I love wrapping my son in God's word!

Susan Bauer
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Beautiful blankets! Thank you for your ministry!

Brielle Rawlings-Dubé
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I wish there was a gray option. But otherwise I love it.

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Seek God First

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Seek God First

Life….It all falls apart when we try to do it on our own. 

We try to be fulfilled in our job. Our roles. Our things. Our friends. But we aren’t.

We think we know best.

We feel like we should get more.

We seek the world’s approval…but the world is not likely to give it.

In the face of this overwhelming complexity—the gray that is sometimes right and sometimes wrong; our own interpretations of what is good and what is bad—in the face of this, we need to return to the simple truth of God. 

The truth that God is righteous, and his ways are good.

The truth that he pursued us and loved us while we were still broken.

The truth that he sent his son Jesus to die for our us.

And Jesus sent the Spirit to empower us to live a Kingdom life.

And while, in ourselves we are still broken, in God, we are whole.

We don’t have to do it on our own.

He fills our every need, gives us holy purpose, and sets us up for Kingdom success.

When we seek him first, everything else will be given to us.

No longer do we need the approval of the world.

No longer do we need to gauge our success on anything except how we think Kingdom, and how we live Jesus.

Seek God first, and you will have everything you need to LIVE SCRIPTURE STRONG!

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