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Where is your Inner Child?

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Where is your Inner Child?

Where is your Inner Child?


Having children is often a normal part of life. Society is set up in such a structure that we generally graduate high school, go off to college, get married, and have children. It’s what’s expected of us and nowadays many are rebelling against this very structure because of just that. It’s become a structure, a routine, and we’ve forgotten the underlying beauty of children and what it means to have them in our lives.

Psalm 127:3  Children are a gift from the Lord: They are a reward from Him.

Children are blessings and rewards from God, but how do we find this to be true in our own lives?

First of all, think about the general course of life. When we’re a child we are so free in our nature. We are less concerned with appearances, masks, and routines. We aren’t worried about how to pay the electric bill or if we can avoid aging. We are just living, enjoying life, and experiencing it in the moment.

By the time we become adults with children of our own, we’re inundated with so many responsibilities and the fears, anxieties, and worries build up over time. We stop living in the moment and begin living in the past and future—in regret and longing.

This is exactly when having children can be an amazing gift in our lives (if we open our hearts to their beauty) by showing us how to once again live in the moment.

They teach us to slow down, smell the roses (often literally), and consider the important things in life.

The important things being family, connection, beauty, simplicity, and most of all, love.

Children help reconnect us to the things that once brought us unhindered joy. They truly are a gift from God and a beautiful reward from Him. Not only do they help us remember to stop and enjoy the little things, but they also test and refine our character.

We don’t need to have our own children to benefit from the beauty children bring to the world. Just knowing the child within ourselves and embracing the childlike wonder that we often bury can reap many of the same benefits.

When we see others around us as children within, it’s easier to forgive and love through ups and downs, because deep down we know we’re also just children of God trying to make it through this world. 

Children and childlike simplicity is important. It’s so beautiful to embrace the gift of children and child-likeness within our own selves and when doing so we are able to continue Living Scripture Strong with dedication and love!

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