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Beautiful blankets! Thank you for your ministry!

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Won't I Look Silly?

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Won't I Look Silly?

Psalm 147:7 (NKJV) Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; sing praises on the harp to our God.

Won't I Look Silly?

Oftentimes, we fret over the judgment of others. It's human nature, right?

Of course it is, and from a biblical perspective, we call that acting in the flesh or giving into human (fleshly) desires. It is difficult when...

We wonder what :THEY: will think if we raise our hands in church when we are really getting into the praise and worship music :-0

We consider the unsportsmanlike actions of our child on the field and how that represents us as parents :-/

We allowed our teenager to have a bonfire and one of the friends vandalized a neighbors landscaping, and now all the neighbors are talking :-(

These scenarios are something that could happen to each one of us. And each of us would "worry" what "THEY" are saying about us and our family.

Psalm 147:7 reminds us...
Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; sing praises on the harp to our God.

Our only job as Christians is to worry about what God thinks about us -- not everyone else! Sing His praises. Give Him thanksgiving in all you do.

Because when we are confident in our God, we know that...

We can raise our hands in church because He asks us to reach up to our Father like a child.

We know that our child had a lapse in judgement on the field, and we will sow into that child and help them find a different reaction the next time.

Or, we get the opportunity to use the vandalism incident to minister to a teenager in need of hearing God's promises for their life.

Turn that WORRY, CONCERN, and FRETTING of what others are thinking/saying into thanksgiving and Sing God's Praises for the opportunities He is creating in your life to minister to others :-)

Lift up your eyes to the Lord and Live Scripture Strong!

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