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Church Doesn't Need More Coffee Bars

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Church Doesn't Need More Coffee Bars

Guest Post by Julie Volkman (posted with permission):

Interesting read on the church (article link included below). I have been reminded of several things from this article. The first one being that my place of worship isn't about how it's decorated, what it has to offer me, what I like or what makes me happy. My church is a place where hurting people go to find relief. It's not about me!!

And although this article is talking about the physical church building, I am reminded about my personal role as a member of the church. We are the church.......YOU and ME. We don't have to have fancy clothes, a perfect life or beautiful buildings to be the church. We just need to be real-we need to be honest-we need to share our experiences-we need to invest in the lives of others.

Too many times I have made excuses as to why I can't "minister" to others. (Don't know the right words, don't have scripture memorized, nobody cares what I have to say...) This article helps remind me that I just need to be there for others, listen, and share how the Lord has worked in my life.

I need to be available and let the Lord do the rest. It's not about the building, and it's not about me! Lord Jesus, please help me to see through fresh eyes as I go about my business of being the church. Amen.



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