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Item exactly as described! I love wrapping my son in God's word!

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Beautiful blankets! Thank you for your ministry!

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I wish there was a gray option. But otherwise I love it.

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Did You Know ...

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Did You Know ...

Did You Know ...

1 John 3:1 See what amazing love the Father has given us! Because of it, we are called children of God. And that’s what we really are! The world doesn’t know us because it didn’t know Him.

This is one of my favorite verses. First, it reminds us to remember what an amazingly profound love God has for us. It very simply points our mind toward what He feels for us and toward the reminder that He is always thinking of us and loves us more than anyone on earth will ever be able to.

It also reminds us that we are children of God. We are not just a mindless creation He plopped here on earth without concern. We are created in His image out of love. We are part of Him and tied to His very beauty and nature. “And that’s what we really are!” How astounding to consider this simple fact.

We are children of God—loved, adored, and created with passionate intention. Which brings us to my favorite part of the entire thing. “The world doesn’t know us because it doesn’t know Him.”

We may feel isolated, alienated, or just out of touch with the world around us. At times it can feel like we’re completely alone, as though our very family is unable to understand us at our core. We feel misunderstood, judged, and like we can never quite measure up to the ideals others may have for us. We’re striving and yet feeling more alone than ever before. Sometimes we can feel most alone while with others.

This is because the people around us don’t understand us. They misperceive our actions or intentions. They don’t get it. The more people turn their own hearts from God, the less they’ll understand and love those walking in His light. And the more people turn toward God, the more they’ll be able to love and embrace those around them (understanding others better).

When we feel misunderstood, alone, or disconnected, it’s important to remember where we come from. We are children of God, loved with such intensity that no person could ever truly fathom. Our home is not here on this earth. Those who misunderstand, judge, or even hurt us would treat us differently if they were closer to Him, if they understood Him. So when you are misunderstood for walking in the light alongside Him, it’s not you they are judging—it’s their Creator Himself.

Take heart knowing that by walking in the light—regardless of how much you may be judged or even criticized—you are becoming more and more enveloped in God’s love and likeness.

When you are judged, unknown, or misunderstood … it’s God who is judged, unknown, and misunderstood as well. You are in good company. Keep walking alongside Him. The world may not always understand you, but He would have you no other way. Continue Living Scripture Strong!

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