Are You a Child of God?

Are You a Child of God?


As children, we often fear our parent’s correction even if it’s something as little as a time-out sat in the corner of the room alone. This is not just because we don’t want to sit in a corner alone, it’s because we’re ashamed that we’ve done something wrong. Somehow, we’ve let our parents down and it never feels good. We want to please them and make them happy, and yet, here we are being corrected for displeasing them in some way.

Proverbs 3:11-12 My son, do not hate the Lord’s training. Do not object when He corrects you. The Lord trains those He loves. He is like a father who trains the son He is pleased with.

This is the same dynamic we often share with God. We often hate His training and object when He wants to correct us. We are ashamed to stand before Him knowing that we’ve done something wrong, but we forget what this very important Proverb is teaching us.

The Lord trains those He loves. Sometimes we need to step back and consider this training from His perspective—that of a loving parent who adores us.

As a parent, we correct our children because we don’t want them to become spoiled or entitled. We want them to work hard for things they believe in, develop healthy discipline, and treat others (and themselves) kindly. We want the best for them—vibrant, full lives. So we discipline and correct them in order to help train them toward becoming beautiful human beings full of love and success.

This is what God wants for His children—each and every one of us. He trains those He loves like a father trains the children He loves so dearly. It’s a beautiful thought to remember.

Regardless of age, we are still children to God. When we become parents ourselves we realize just how powerful that relationship is, just how deep unconditional parental love goes.

However, God’s love is nothing like even the most unconditional human love fathomable. His love surpasses all. And that profound parental love—ever guiding and teaching us, all the while loving unconditionally—is offered to us freely every day.

We are blessed to be called children of God, there’s no doubt about it. Which makes us blessed to receive His training and instruction, His loving hand that urges us toward that which is best and most needed in our lives.

Sometimes we may not understand His ways or why a certain trial is part of our lives. We may be like Job and cry out in agony, wondering what the point of suffering is, but we can rest knowing that regardless of what happens, God is in control and He loves us with more love than any earthly parent could ever muster.

His correction and love are one in the same, just as a parent desiring to train his/her children in the right direction. And we are so blessed to receive His gentle instruction … just as much as we are blessed to receive His love. Go on Living Scripture Strong!