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Our Favorite Christian Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Our Favorite Christian Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Living In the world today can seem stressful, blissful, and maybe some days a combination of both!  We have so many choices and we are bombarded with information from the time we wake up, to the minute our eyes say good night.  But in this beautifully chaotic world, we are able to surround ourselves with good (and bad) influences. Not only in the people we choose to physically encounter, but moreso the people and “stuff” we choose to virtually encounter.

Many of us check our social media accounts over 150 times a day, said some expert…. somewhere (I am probably guilty). And the social media we consume is a huge influence and can be more impactful than the physical world we participate.

In Living Scripture Strong, it is good to seek inspiration from others and surround yourself with those who will FILL you up!  Part of that is seeking like-minded, inspirational people to follow through the wonderful avenue of social media.

To make your life easier, we have put together our favorite Instagram Christian Influencers to share with you so maybe you can find some inspiration in them too!

Emily Wilson

Emily is a Christian, speaker, author, and youtuber. She uses her Instagram to shared God’s plan in her life and her experiences traveling and sharing His word with other people.

Sarah Swafford

Sarah is a Christian Entrepreneur and author. She travels all over to speak and share her message internationally to people of all ages on a variety of topics, and her Instagram is no different.

Joel Stepanek

Joel is in Christian ministry with Life Teen, a ministry for teenagers. He shares on his Instagram his journey with God, and his experiences being a speaker and influencer for teens all over the country.

Heather MacFayden

Heather is just what her Instagram name says, a @GodCenteredMom. She has a podcast for girls and women in their journey throughout friendship, motherhood, and their walk with God.

Sara Hagerty

Sara is a Christian author and mother, who shares daily inspiration with her followers on her Instagram feed.

Follow them today and Live Scripture Strong!

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