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Sing and Give Thanks

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

Sing and Give Thanks

Have you ever had days that just went so right?

Everything seemed to be going your way and for a little bit, you couldn’t believe how great life was even for just a short bit of time?

You catch yourself feeling thankful for everything and you truly appreciate where you are in your life right now.


That feeling is happiness and thankfulness. People live to feel like this.

When things go right. When their family and friends are healthy and happy.  When everything seems content in the world.

Psalm 30:12 reminds us to give God the glory when things are going right. The scripture says, “My heart will sing your praises, I can’t keep silent. Lord, my God, I will praise you forever.”

H. Bellinger explains and emphasizes the importance of this scripture,  “The psalm concludes with a renewed promise of praise and thanksgiving to God throughout life. With the new perspective of gratitude, the psalmist's main vocation for life is the praise of God. Renewed life is a gift from God best enjoyed in thanksgiving.

While I do not consider myself a singer, the scripture tells us to “sing (His) praises”. That doesn’t mean you have to physically “sing”.  You can proverbially sing by just vehemently saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord!”.

During this busy holiday season, we encourage you to take note of when life seems well, take a step back and appreciate all the good and give Him thanks for watching over you and loving you endlessly.

Be extra grateful this year for time with family and friends over the holiday season and praise the Lord for all the people you are blessed to share time with and enjoy every single moment.

“Sing” to the Lord your praises and happiness throughout this Thanksgiving time and Live Scripture Strong.

Content Credit: https://www.workingpreacher.org/preaching.aspx?commentary_id=336

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