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We All Have Eyes, But Do We Really See Each Other?

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

We All Have Eyes, But Do We Really See Each Other?


When you see people, what do you really see? Maybe a better question to start with is, do you really see people? I mean, do you really see the people in your family? Do you hear them when they talk to you or do you kind of have your own mind made up so that you don't really need to listen to them, and why even bother to engage in a real conversation or to find out what they feel because you already know you're right?

When you look around into the faces of people, do you see people who are other than you in terms of the pigment of their skin? Does that make a difference? Do you see people as Hispanic? As African American? Do you see people as white? Or do you just see people made in the image of God?

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.

Do you see people and feel fear because you're afraid of them and afraid they might find out what you really are, and if they knew you, they would reject you? Is that your assumption? When you see people, are they objects of lust that are there for the gratification of your imagination or your desires? When you see people, are they tools that you use to get what you want? When you see people, do you judge them and sum up who they are and evaluate their worth and label them? When you look in the face of people, what do you really see?

Father save us from religion, save us from a life lived so ordinary here on planet earth, that nobody sees Jesus through us or feels the breath of Heaven or catches the scent of your love. God, save us from a life that is self centered and serving self interest. God, I ask in Jesus' name that in the short time that we have here on planet earth, that you would wake us up and stir our hearts to long for something more than most of us are currently pursuing in our lives. God, unleash us into the world to be your hands and feet to love well, live Jesus and believe big in a way that helps people see your face. Father, in Jesus' name, save us! -Dr. Drew Shofner


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