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What Is The Perfect Gift?

Posted by Living Scripture Strong on

What Is The Perfect Gift?

Fall.  My favorite season of all!  Maybe because I am an October baby – maybe because I enjoy change so much.

This time of year tends to center people on Thanksgiving, as a holiday and as a mission for this season.  Reminded by friend’s posts on social media or in random conversations what we have to be thankful for, this time of year makes my heart leap for the joy that is spread by people simply expressing gratitude!

As I enter the second half of this life on earth, I am discovering hints of wisdom that I longed so desperately for the past two decades.  Several recent events in my life have not left me completely wiped out and devastated as they may have a few years ago.

I find solace resting on God’s promises that I have worked hard to hide in my heart and stand firm regardless of what the world is screaming at me.  Finding peace in the midst of this world’s chaos is sometimes the most difficult thing each of us has to do each day.

I am reminded of a verse in James 1:17…

            Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.

Did you know God wants to shower us with gifts?  Do you ever stop to think about the miracle or mercy you witnessed today?

The greatest things in life are the SIMPLE moments when God’s good and perfect gifts rain down in our lives.

Small things…

…enough gas to get to work and back.

…your child remembers to put on a coat without being asked.

…provision in your bank account to pick up groceries for your family.

…a stranger acknowledges your kindness by saying, ‘Thank you.’

Big things…

…closing on your new home.

…an All Clear reading on your medical test.

…your child receiving an acceptance letter to “THE College.”

…receiving that promotion or job offer.

Recognize God’s good and perfect gift for you today and go out Living Scripture Strong!

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